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Aluminum Pole Dock

Pole Docks

We build to suit your needs. Light and easy to remove for the winter. Durable and sturdy for many years of fun. Can be configured many different ways. Our standard offering uses an angled leg design for added stability. 
CL-PWC1200-000 v7-1


  • 1200LBS PWC Lift, perfect for 2 seater jet skis. 
  • Sturdy all aluminum construction with PVC bunks. 
  • Light weigh and easy to remove for the winter.
  • Adjustable legs for easy set-up.
  • Low-profile for use in shallow water. 
Floating Dock

Private Floating Docks

Designed to be exceptionally light but stable. Perfect for applications where floating docks are required but need to be brought on shore in the winter. Available with pontoons and box floats.

Commercial Floating Docks

Inquire about our heavy-duty commercial grade docks. This reinforced system is to be used at launches and marinas. They can be equipped with wheeled floats to be removed seasonally with minimal hassle, yet stand up to the rigors of public use.
Aluminum Tower Dock, Cantilever, lift

Tower Docks

Tower docks, otherwise known as Cantilever or Lift docks can be raised for the winter with a set of cables and tower that fold up inside the frame when not in use. 

Built with you in mind

Custom and modular set-ups to make life at the lake beautiful, simple, and functional.

Quick setup

Easy to set-up and remove with aluminum frames as light as 80lbs. Designed to be set up and taken down by a crew of two with just a 3/4" wrench and a level.

Long Lasting and Durable

Our Docks are constructed from 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy. This allows them to be light, sturdy, and free from rust or corrosion. With proper care, the aluminum frames will last many decades.


Fully customizable designs and frame sizes allow for the perfect setup for your shoreline. Anything from a simple dock serving a fishing boat, to extravagant living spaces over the water are possible.


Fill out the form!

A great first step is to submit our website form with some details about your needs. Pictures, sketches and information about your shoreline are fantastic.

One of our dock experts will reach out ASAP.

Schedule a visit!

Make an appointment to have one of our knowledgeable staff out to your property to assess the conditions, and make some suggestions on what will work well for
Or make an appointment to visit us at our manufacturing facility for a tour.

Make a Deposit!

Once a great plan has been drafted, we will provide a customized quote, taking into account all the factors of a functional and beautiful dock system. 
We only require 60% upfront and the balance after delivery.


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